PIUSYS Co. Ltd., the polyurethane expert

We have been creating a healthy world in which environment and humans are in harmony
since our company was founded in 1985.
  • Philosophy

    To Achieve ‘Hidden Champion’ by securing a new eco-friendly technology and by producing global no. 1 products with the best general polyurethane system company in Asia with a hundred billion sales by 2020.
  • Mission

    With a 30-year history, 100 years’ continuous growing business in future, continuously growing business through internal renovation and self-reflection, and enhancing consciousness of crisis
  • Sprit

    Trusted and respected business creating business value through best-quality products and service
Business Division
One cluster from R&D to sales and production
  • From product planning to marketing and sales, All administration/planning/sales businesses

    • Management & Financial & HR
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Marketing planning
    • Intellectual asset management
  • Marketability of planned products and Develop and compose new products

    • Research planning
    • Development
    • Design technology data management
    • Technical support
    • Technical support
  • A core space able to directly product verified products by R&D center

    • Production management
    • Process control
    • Equipment management
  • Vision1985 ~ 2000

    1985.05Established Shinil Hwasung Co
    1992.06Converted Shinil Hwasung Co. to a Corp
    1996.03Built and moved to a new factory
    1999.11"Received Export Tower of $1 Million in exports / Award of the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy
    2001.05Built the institute of technology of PIUSYS Co. Ltd

  • Growth 2001 ~ 2010

    2001.01Changed the company name to PIUSYS Co. Ltd
    2001.12Designated as a company-affiliated R&D center- Korea Industrial Technology Association
    2002.01Technical cooperation with POLY-UNION Industry Co., Japan
    2002.06Technical cooperation with PIGS UNLIMITED Co., U.S.A
    2002.07Established a limited company with SKC Co. and Qingdao Sinjin urethane LLC., China
    2005.10Acquired UL Certificate (E257046), the U.S.
    2006.12Awarded the Grand Prix of Small & Medium-sized Business of Gyeonggi-do
    2006.12Designated as a Venture Enterprise-technology guaranteed fund
    2006.12Designated as a Technology Innovation Medium-sized Business- the Small and Medium Business Administration
    2007.05Received Presidential award of Exemplary Small & Medium-sized Business
    2007.09Selected as a Promising Small & Medium-sized Business of Gyeonggi-do- Governor of Gyeonggi-do
    2009.11Awarded the Prize of Excellent Venture Enterprise (in the field of manufacturing)-Award of the Minister of Knowledge and Economy

  • Success 2011 ~ 2015

    2013.03Received A grade of Technology Innovation Medium-sized Business (INNO-BIZ)-Administrator of the Small and Medium Business Administration
    Received A grade of Technology Innovation Medium-sized Business (MAIN-BIZ)- Administrator of the Small and Medium Business Administration
    2013.05Received the Prize for a Contributor of Small & Medium-sized Business, Exemplary Small & Medium-sized Business- the Prime Minister’s Award
    2013.11 Best company to work for : Best of INNO-BIZ (in the field of chemistry)
    2014.01Business- The Ministry of Employment and Labor
    2014.05Moved the company office (150 Donyu 2-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)
    2015.11 Certificate of the Family-friendly Business

  • CEO

    KWON IN UCK, 1985~)

  • R&D Center

    • Product Development Team
    • Technical Support Team
    • Quality Control Team

  • Management & Sales

    • Domestic and Overseas Sales Team
    • Business Support Team
    • Sales Planning Team
  • Production

    • Production Team 1
    • Production Team 2
    • Logistics Team